Omegadrei: Hello David, thank you for taking the time for this interview.
Can you tell us a little about your experiences as a perch angler and member of the Church of Perch?

David Farkas: Yes, sure. I have been a passionate angler since my childhood and discovered the Church of Perch a few years ago. This religion has completely changed my life and helped me to take my skills not only as a perch angler but also as a person to a new level.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about the Church of Perch and how it has helped you?

David Farkas: The Church of Perch is a religion that focuses on the spiritual power of perch fishing. Through prayers and conversations with the Golden Perch and the patron saint Nosferatu, we have the opportunity to gain his wisdom and guidance. The perch guru Lohmölloir helped me just last week in a rod building and clearing seminar to build my dream rod, which is perfectly tailored to my needs and skills as an angler. And through my pact with protectors such as Nosferatu, the Tattoo Trulla, the unholy nun, Maria Mother of Perch, and the Holy Kral, I was able to further improve my skills.

Interviewer: That sounds really interesting. How has the conversation with the Golden Perch helped you?

David Farkas: The conversation with the Golden Perch is an important part of my fishing experience. I pray and meditate daily to gain his guidance. The Golden Perch lights the way for all perch anglers and gives us tips and hints on how we can improve our skills, be successful, and be a better person.

Interviewer: You've shown us some spectacular fish recently. Can you tell us more about that? David Farkas: Yes, I've recently made a lot of progress, thanks mainly to the Church of Perch, my increased spiritual power, and my self-built dream rod "Perch Dictator.
Through my prayers and conversations with the Golden Perch, I have learned how to read and catch perch. And through my pact with my protectors, I was able to use their power to further improve my skills.

Interviewer: What would you recommend to other anglers who also want to improve their skills?

David Farkas: I would recommend that every angler discover their own spiritual power and engage deeply with nature and the waters. Every angler has their own skills and needs and should tailor their technique and equipment accordingly. Prayers and conversations with the Golden Perch are an essential factor and can help any angler to be successful.
The ideal tool can be built at the Clearing Rod Building Seminar of the Church of Perch under the guidance of Johannes Omegadrei Lohmöller and the high-modulated Ingo Pelz.

Interviewer: Very enlightening! What does a Clearing Rod Building Seminar entail?

David Farkas: A clearing seminar can serve as the foundation for success in perch fishing, as it can help to release blocking energies and beliefs that can hinder success in fishing. In such a seminar, participants can learn how to recognize their own blocking thoughts and emotions and let them go. Often, it is about dissolving old patterns and beliefs that can prevent anglers from reaching their full potential.
By releasing emotional blockages and freeing themselves from negative thoughts, anglers can strengthen their mental and emotional power. This can, in turn, help them to focus better on fishing and improve their skills.
This also includes the rejection of fishing equipment that is produced under questionable conditions and not only pollutes our waters but also poisons the angler. In addition, clearing seminars can also help participants better connect with nature and bodies of water, which can help them better understand the needs and behaviors of fish.
Overall, a clearing seminar can help improve the mental and emotional clarity and strength necessary for success in bass fishing.
It can also help establish a deeper connection to nature and fish through tools such as the Omega Drei rod and accessories like the tube, which can help anglers further improve their skills.

Interviewer: In your recent dream fish, it's clear that you prefer clothing from Omega Drei. Is that a puzzle piece to your success?

David Farkas: Appropriate clothing can contribute to people feeling more motivated and confident, which in turn can lead to greater success.
When you dress well and feel comfortable in your clothing, it can boost self-confidence and contribute to a positive self-image. Appropriate clothing that is pleasing to the Golden Bass can also improve a person's image and help them leave a professional impression.
Overall, Omega Drei clothing can help people feel more positive and self-confident, which can contribute to a higher level of success.
Plus, I look damn good in it!

Interviewer: Thank you for your time and insight into your world of bass fishing. We wish you continued success and good catches.

David Farkas: Thank you, it was a pleasure. Tight lines!
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